ESORICS 2023 made an optional reservation in The Hague in two hotels (40 rooms each) for their attendees until 24.08.2023. You can book one of these rooms by clicking on one of the links below.


If you prefer to book other hotels or find one after 24.08.2023 in The city of Hague, please check options with our hotel booking partner Moonback. This hotel booking system that treats everyone fairly: they offer trustworthy information and a pleasant online experience for you, and fair commissions for hotel owners.

About Moonback: That is a fair alternative to the large hotel booking sites. You won’t be rushed by pop-ups saying ‘there’s only one room left!’ Instead, you get a practical city map showing hotels with distance to the main venue and hotspots in the city you are going to.

Babylon Hotel Den Haag

The hotel is right at the venue of ESORICS The Hague Conference Centre. If you click on the link, you can book this hotel for €185 per room per night, excluding city tax and breakfast.

IBIS Den Haag City Centre

If you click on the link, you can book a room at this hotel between (24-29 September 2023). Of course, you can change the arrival and departure date via their booking site. The price per room per night is €125, including breakfast and excluding city tax.