Accepted Posters

  1. A Blockchain-based two Factor Honeytoken Authentication System
    V. Papaspirou, L. Maglaras, I. Kantzavelou, N. Moradpoor, S. Katsikas

  2. Cyber Risk Identification in Complex Systems: Improving Causal Inference through System-Thinking
    A. 0. Rotibi, N. Saxena, P. Burnap

  3. ADHD: Adaptive Design Honeypot Deployments
    K. Highnam, Z. Hanif, E. V. Vogt, S. Parbhoo, S. Maffeis, N. R. Jennings

  4. LLM in the Shell: Generative Honeypots
    M. Sladić, V. Valeros, C. Catania, S. Garcia

  5. Learning Personalized and Context-aware Violation Detection Rules in Trigger-action Apps
    M. Saeidi, T. Caglar, R. Bobba, A. Sarma