Call For Workshops


ESORICS is the annual European research event in Computer Security. Proposals are solicited for workshops to be held in conjunction with ESORICS 2023. A workshop should aim at providing a forum on emerging topics of high interest to the security and privacy community.

In the workshop selection, particular consideration will be paid to:

  • Its potential interest for the security and privacy community.
  • Its novelty with respect to other forums, especially with respect to other ESORICS workshops.
  • Its likely impact on the targeted community, including likely high participation.

Download the ESORICS 2023 Call for Workshops here.

Important Dates

Workshop proposals due: February 20, 2023
Notification of decision: March 20, 2023

Workshop Chairs

Jérémie Decouchant Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Stjepan Picek Radboud University & Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Submitting a Workshop Proposal

To submit a proposal, send an email to workshop chair with the information requested in the application form:

  • Title of the Workshop:

  • Duration (maximum 2 days):

  • Draft “Call for Papers”, articulating the workshop’s scope and topics:

  • Brief summary and justification for the workshop, including anticipated benefits to the ESORICS community:

  • Planned activities:

  • Expected number of participants:

  • Workshop organizers:

    • PC Chair(s):
    • General Chair(s):
  • Workshop deadlines:

    • Submission deadline:
    • Notification to authors:
    • Camera-ready versions:
  • Planned publication of workshop proceedings:

  • Data of last three years for the workshop (if applicable):

    • Number of submissions:
    • Number of accepted papers:
    • Number of participants:
    • Publication of proceedings:
    • Venue (co-location):

Conflict of Interest

The program co-chairs require cooperation from both authors and PC members to prevent submissions from being evaluated by reviewers who have a conflict of interest. During the bidding procedure, PC members will be required to indicate potential CoIs. On the other hand, authors will be asked during the submission process to indicate any PC members with whom they share CoIs as well as the types of CoIs. That is, if they and one the authors: 1) * share an institutional affiliation at the time of submission;

  • had at any time in the past a supervisor/PhD student relationship;
  • have collaborated or published within the prior two years;
  • are in some form of financial relationship, or have been at some point during the past two years;
  • are related, or have close personal friendships.

For other forms of conflict, authors must contact the chairs and explain the perceived conflict.

Program committee members who have conflicts of interest with a paper, including program co-chairs, will be excluded from discussing and reviewing the submission. Authors also need to notify the PC Chairs of any other reason or circumstance that creates a risk that professional judgement may be unduly influenced.

The chairs reserve the right to request further explanation and can remove non-mandatory conflicts at their discretion.