Social Event - Madurodam

The conference dinner will take place on 26.09.2023 in Madurodam.

What makes the small country of the Netherlands interesting? When we arrive at Madurodam you will first have the time to discover this and more at Madurodam, a small city full of beautiful miniatures, playful activities and the best attractions.

There is so much to see, discover and do at Madurodam. You become acquainted with the stories of the Netherlands in a surprising way. The models are exact replicas of special buildings and objects, on a scale of 1:25. Through intensive daily care, the greenery, especially small-leaved trees and bushes, are kept to a maximum of 60 centimetres high.

We will arrange the transport with coaches on Tuesday evening 26.09.2023 from the Conference Venue The Hague Conference Centre to Madurodam The Hague.